World Contraception Day 2018: Di dangerous ways pipo dey practise ‘safe nacking’


Di finding fit help doctors take steps to avoid premature birth

Nurse Hope wey be auxiliary nurse for one chemist for Port Harcourt, Rivers state tell BBC Pidgin say pipo dey buy contraception wella for her shop.
Even though some customers fit shy and use different code if dem wan buy, odas dey straightforward like Tubaba and go ask for condom.
She say postinor and white quinine na di two popular melecine women dey buy pass wen dem need contraception sake of say dem cheap.

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Dr. Emem Belema Jaja, wey be mama and pikin health expert for Rivers state, tell BBC pidgin say based on di 2013 National demographic health survey NDHS, e reach just 33% of women for Rivers State wey dey use modern contraception.
Dis one mean say for many oda women, na di traditional style dem dey use like di withdrawal method or safe period but di wahala be say dem no dey work wella.

Dr. Jaja tok say for hospital wia she dey work “pipo go tell you say if you put plenti salt for water, make e dey concentrated, drink am afta you meet your man, you no go get belle”.
Oda traditional method wey Dr. Jaja don hear include;
* some men dey use blomblom (ballon) wey dem claim na rubber like condom
* some men dey even use waterproof wrap
* some women dey drink water wey get hot pepper use cancel belle
* odas dey drink kaikai with marijuana, wey dem dey call monkey tail to flush belle
* while odas dey drink water wey get lime plus garlic

Dr. Jaja add put say all dis tins no too dey healthy for di bodi and some cause for pesin bodi.
Dr. Jaja say e go beta if dem go health centre go get beta counselling on di type of contraception wey fit helep dem plan dia family wella as na dia responsibility.


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