Wiz Khalifa May Be Rich But His Son Rides The Bus to School- Watch Video


Cardi B neva born her pikin before she don buy the baby Bentley Bentayga
but rapper Wiz Khalifa take anoda method to teach hin son how to know real
value of de life wey we dey.

At least, pesin go learn lesson from Wiz Khalifa instagram post and comment, where hin make de boy go use school bus instead of one of hin big cars as mama Amber Rose dey prepare for dia pikin first dey of Kindergarten.

Wiz Khalifa yarn dis as many of hin fans don dey yab am sey why him go allow hin
pikin use school Bus and no be hin car. Na hin Wiz Khalifa waya dem talk as below
” Pesin na rich man no concern pikin experience”

Him continue, ” all of una dey ask me why i allow my pikin use bus cos i be rich
man. My pikin tok sey na hin friend him wan follow go school with de bus .
so abeg let our pikins dem do wetin dem wan do. Chill



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