VIDEO: Sexy lady turn hersef to thanksgiving turkey


Dis year wey dem call 2018 don bring many tins from slangs for social media as some dey call demsef food, ‘stew’ or ‘sauce’ as e b like sey some no even take de slang serious but na de ‘Food’ dey dia mind.

Thanksgiving na de American tradition wey dey happen every November and also na national public holiday wey b sey family go gada to chop beta food. But de one wey dey important pas for de food na turkey wey dem go serve full as na only de head and de legs no go dey there.

E neva finish for there oo as one Instagram user and poet wey her page name na @realkkvsh don finally take de chicken position as she turn her sef to de chicken wey her family go chop dat day.

For her Instagram page she post de video wey her boyfriend do as she sleep inside tray like chicken wey dem don fry. Weda dem go cut her and chop na im we still dey wait for as de guy wey dem call de boyfriend yarn for de video as im dey call her ‘’The main dish, turkey.’’


Watch de video here;


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