So Heartbreaking!! Woman And Her 4 Pikin Burnt After Fire Kasala For Anambra (Graphic Fotos)


The family of Ejeh dey serios pain as dem use body catch fire for kerosene kasala wey shele for Anambra State. We hear sey de stove wey dey dia kitchen na hin suddenly blow (wey be sey dem don already fill am with kerosene wey dem mix with petrol)
-just like dat and de fire waka go other place for de house.

The woman with four out of five pikin dem with one new baby wey dem just born catch fire for the kasala even pipul no fit recognise the pikin dem again with de way de fire burn dem.

The pikin dem and dia mama dey hospital where dem dey collect treatment.

And as for this kasala wey happen, pipul don beg de government sey make dem
help dem catch pipul wey dey produce fake kerosene for market.


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