Nigeria Minimum Wage 2018: Warning strike na strategy for unions as elections dey come – expert


Soneye Abolaji, wey be sabi pesin for economy mata for Nigeria, say di warning strike wey labour unions wan do for di kontri from midnight Wednesday 26 September no make sense.

Oga Abolaji tok say im no dey against unions for di kontri but for im mind, im believe say dis minimum wage strike na strategy wey unions dey use any time election don dey reach.

Abolaji tok say, “E no make sense sake of say right now I dey see say Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) wan hold goment hostage”.

”Dem dey ask for increase wen election dey draw nearer so dat politicians go dey fear bad name if dem no cooperate” Abolaji add join.

Nigerian Labour Congress and di Trade Union Congress bin say dem go start warning strike from midnight of Wednesday 26 September till-thy-kingdom come as dem dey kwata wit goment over minimum wage mata.

Before now, di Minister of Labour say di 14 days deadline wey dem give goment na style to hurry-hurry di tripartite committee for di new National Minimum Wage to rush di mata. E say no be true say federal goment dey try to delay di tok-tok on top di new minimum wage.

TUC say di last minimum wage don end since 2 years and dem give goment time to tink, yet dem no won gree treat workers well

Abolaji tell BBC Pidgin say im dey wonder how labour unions go dey ask for minimum wage wey pass fifty thousand naira, wen some states no fit pay di current 18k own.

Abolaji tok say “If you look any time dem increase minimum wage, cost of tins dey increase, market go react even before dem even begin implement di new minimum wage”.

”NLC na part of di inflation for dis kontri, dem no know say na diaself dem dey attack wit dia own two hands” na wetin im tok.

Pipo dey buy tins for market
TUC say make Nigerians bear and understand wit dem because di strike na for evribodi betament

Im also say make civil servants look diasef for mirror wella to make sure say dem dey contribute enough more to Nigeria economy before dem begin demand for new minimum wage.

Both di President for di Trade Union Congress Bobby Kaigama and di General Secretary fo Nigeria Labour Congress Peter Ozo-Eson no pick dia calls to respond to wetin Soneye Abolaji tok wen BBC Pidgin contact dem.


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