Nigeria Labour Congress don declare warning strike from Thursday


Goment for Nigeria dey sidon do meeting wit di ogas for di Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and odas on top di seven day strike dem wan start from midnight of Wednesday 26 September over minimum wage mata.

Trade Union Congress (TUC) bin don announce say dem go begin strike for early mor-mor on Thursday 27 September afta federal goment for Nigeria fail to meet up wit di deadline to call back di meeting wia dem dey discuss di new minimum wage mata for workers.

TUC secretary general for Abuja, Musa-Lawal Ozigi, tell BBC Pidgin say na two weeks dem bin give goment to call back di meeting wey dem bin stop.

E say na last year goment set up di minimum wage committee and afta dem don nearly finish di work wey dem dey do, di Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige come tok say make dem stop as e wan go follow goment tok.

Pipo dey buy tins for market
TUC say make Nigerians bear and understand wit dem because di strike na for evribodi betament

“Na im we come ask am say wetin happun nah? no be goment set up dis meeting by imsef for November last year?

“Dis meeting start for March and evri bodi agree dat time say by August 30 dis year dem go finish, so dat by September workers go begin collect minimum wage.

“E don nearly reach di end of di road dem come stop, na we say we no gree oh! Which kain tin be dat, pesin don already win game, dem come shift goal post say make im go house, game no dey again today, e good?”

Oga Ozigi say dis meeting concern three groups; Labour, employer and goment.

E say labour don tok wetin dem want, employers don tok how much dem fit pay and wen e reach goment turn, dem no gree submit dia own.

NLC paper


Di TUC oga say di strike go continue until goment do wetin dem want because wetin dem dey ask for no be big tin.

“We no tok say make minimum wage start tomorrow, tomorrow. Di meeting wey dem stop, make dem call am back.”

“For dis goment ehn! If we tok say make evritin smooth before we react, no day wey evritin go smooth.”

TUC say di last minimum wage don end since 2 years and dem give goment time to tink, yet dem no won gree treat workers well.

Mr Ozigi advise pipo to buy food full house and also understand wetin TUC want because dem no wan punish anybodi, but make tins beta for everibodi.

Before now, di Minister of Labour say di 14 days deadline wey dem give goment na style to hurry-hurry di tripartite committee for di new National Minimum Wage to rush di mata.

E say no be true say federal goment dey try to delay di tok-tok on top di new minimum wage.


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