Korea university honour Aisha Buhari for her women, pikin waka

Aisha Buhari dey help women and children through im pet projects Aisha Buhari Foundation and Future Assured Programme

Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigeria Presido don collect honorary doctorate degree for Sun Moon University for South Korea.

Professor Hong Young-Shik for di Political Science Department of di University tok say na Mrs Buhari work for women and pikin dem ginger dem to give am di award.

Im say Mrs. Buhari and her husband Presido Buhari dey show good leadership example to pipo.

Presido Buhari assistant Hajo Sani wey receive di University delegation for Mrs Buhari tok say di president wife come promise say she go continue di good work wey she dey do from her pet project dem.

Im say Mrs Buhari dey dedicate di award to all Nigerian women and children.

Na later dis year na im dem go do di award ceremony.


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