Fruit Garden market for Port Harcourt catch fire


Fruit Garden market for Pitakwa
Di popular Fruit Garden market for D line area for Port Harcourt, Rivers state burn on Thursday night.
Nteiro Elyon Elijah, wey see di fire wit im two korokoro eye, tell naijapalavas crew say na around 6.45pm for Thursday evening di fire bin start but no one know wetin cause am but dem suspect e fit be electrical fault.

* Wetin concern RCCG with p*nis wey no gree stand

Nteiro tok say di Nigeria Fire Service no show face for di market even though traders rush go call dem for phone tire.
But for social media one pesin tok say jaguda boys chase di fire service wey show so dem fit use di chance tiff property of traders for di market.

Na ordinary pipo for di area plus churchgoers for Living Faith Church alias Winners Chapel wey dey share fence wit di market comot to begin pump water from dia tank to quench di fire.
E no clear if anybodi don die or wunjure but Nteiro come add say two women wey get shed for di market faint sake of wetin dem don lose.


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