Facebook’s Dating Service- Launches In Two More Countries — Canada and Thailand. Coming To Nigeria Soon; Get Details



  • Facebook Dating Service launches in Canada And Thailand. Nigeria Expected
  • A dating service by Facebook,  infused into the main Facebook app

Facebook is doing everything possible to find you the love of your life.

This Thursday, social network giant; Facebook announced that the online dating service will be launching in two news countries; Canada and Thailand with new features.

The facebook dating services won’t have its own application but built inside the main Facebook app as the company says they don’t have any plan of separating them. Facebook is doing it in a way to find serious partners for users and not flings like Tinder-like matches. Also, there won’t be sweeping and liking said by product manager as to speed dating.


                                          HOW DOES IT WORK?

When a user sees someone he or she likes they are allowed to send a DM (Direct Message) then the recipient may choose to reply or ignore which will start a proper conversation. however, users cant send a second message or else the first message has been responded to.

It also works with Groups and Events- users will be able to opt into seeing other Facebook users group they have joined an event they are attending. But you can only enjoy this only if you are part of communities on Facebook, then the dating becomes more interesting. Sharp said.

                                      WHAT ARE THE FEATURES

The two additional features already added to the dating services id the ability to pause matches temporarily and take a second look to a potential match previously ignore.


As Facebook finally launches its dating services questions have been raised if countries like US and UK will allow the dating services which s still reeling from a successive data leakage from Cambridge Analytica to a hack which sees around 30 million users data stolen from facebook. People see this as a risky move for Facebook due to their launch and expansion of Facebook Dating.
The question is will people from the USA and The United Kingdom, UK be willing to let the company into an ever-more intimate aspect of their lives?

However, when asked. Shark didn’t provide a figure on how many users in Colombia already signed up to the service or how many matches already, he replied as the result has been ” overwhelmingly positive response” so far.

As the service launches in Canada and Thailand users won’t be able to match other as Facebook await enough user to signup. Also available to users above 18years of age ( It will not verify the user’s ID but will look at the age range of friends before deciding if they can accept the signup or not.

Sharp said they are currently no plan to monetize the service- either through a subscription option, premium features or through adverts.


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