Facebook Drone – Facebook Drone Aquila


If una remember for 2014, Facebook introduce drone wey dey use solar becos of satellite for sky. Dis drone fit carry network from de satellite go all de place wey network no fit reach. Facebook name de drone as Aquila. Somerset (facebook buy de company for England) do de facebook connectivity lab and de drone prototype.

Facebook Drone - Facebook Drone Aquila

Aquila get wings wey get de same size like Boeing 737 but hin weight na just 400kg. Facebook put solar panel for de top of de two wings so dat de drone go fit power de electric motor and de batteries wey dem use do de drone. De batteries carry half of de weight of de drone so dat de drone go fit get energy to fly for nite.

Facebook Drone Fly Range

Facebook wan make dis drone fly go sky for daytime like 90000 feet and drop to 60000 feet for night for upto 3months. The drone go fit provide internet service go area upto 80km radius and go provide internet access to 66% for pipul wey dey earth.Na last year facebook complete de second test for de drone and more test still dey happen soon. For de last test wey dem do, de drone stay for sky for 1hour and 46 minute.
As to wetin Facebook CEO tok, Mark Zuckerberg for one post wey dem put for Facebook; Facebook Drone land and we no see any wahala or gbege. Dis test na gud tin for de drone project wey be sey we fit see many drone very soon for air about a month for sky. But, we go need to de am wella before we fit release all of dem.

     Facebook Drone Upcoming Test

De test wey Facebook wan do ontop de drone na de battery palava. De battery too heavy for de drone wen e dey fly but work don start to make de battery light small and reduce de amount of power wey de drone dey use. Dem wan know de amount of power wey de drone go fit use for different altitude and also de heat wey de drone dey release if e wan fly, wen hin dey fly and wen hin wan come down. How all dis power take dey affect de drone battery; freedom range; how de solar take dey work and how de drone take dey work every time.


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