Facebook Dating Service – Facebook Launches Dating Service


Facebook had announced that a dating service will roll out in Colombia this year.

According to what the release by Facebook; social media giant, Colombia will the first country to start using the dating site as Colombians are social network fans and websites where they can find partners.

Facebook Dating Feature

The dating service started this week as it allows users to create a separate “dating” profile that won’t be visible to their friends on the social media and potential matches will be recommended based on common interests and preferences.

The dating services will not link up with people who are already family or friends connected on Facebook and users will be able to block people if they like.

Chat service will be available and can bar non-friends from sending pictures, video, and links as approximately 21 million people log in to facebook from Colombia every 24hours with a total population of 50million people in the country; this is based on what was released by the social media giant.

“We view this as an incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook,” said manager Nathan Sharp of Facebook Dating product.

If we remember Facebook owner and Chief; Mark Zuckerberg announced in May that plans are ongoing for new dating features at the number one leading online social media network and vow to make privacy protection their number one aim in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica issue.

He also, claim their focus is helping people find their best match or partners and not flings.

“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships, not just hookups,” said when presenting the feature.


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